Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana

Retired Teacher - Volunteer to Teach

Are you a retired teacher looking to keep your hand in?

retired teacherIf you have enjoyed a long career as a teacher and are now retired, but would like to be still rewarded with great job satisfaction, then consider working as an English teaching volunteer in Kumasi, Ghana.

Fundamental to a good education is a good teacher, but in many developing countries the teaching workforce is often demoralised and fractured. An experienced volunteer teacher can make a huge difference.

There is a life after retirement

You will be using your professional teaching skills for children and adults who would benefit so much from them, your contribution would be very valuable.

retired teacherMany Ghanaian teachers working alongside volunteer teachers have learnt new teaching techniques that have made their classroom less didactic and more interactive, which in turn has led to a decrease in the drop-out rates and an increase in teacher motivation.

You could be part of this, both the school and the community of Fumesua, Kumasi would welcome you.

Your accommodation and food

Accommodation would be provided for all prospective teaching volunteers as well as provision of local dishes (the local food is stew based, rice and curry, yams and beef, potatoes and chicken and some English dishes). There is no charge for accommodation or food provided by the school. Your only costs are travel to and from Accra, the capital of Ghana.

Occasional and weekend use of a car would also be provided. If volunteers use school vehicles and drivers to see other parts of Ghana then a contribution to fuel and drivers accommodation is required.

For volunteers who wish to experience more luxurious, air conditioned, en-suite accomodation, then the Asantewaa Premier Guesthouse based in Fumesua, is offering a special rate for volunteer teachers at the school.

Volunteer Applications

apply nowIf you would like to apply to volunteer to teach English or French at Westminster Comprehensive School in Ghana, please use our Application Form.

Give as much information as you can about yourself, indicate your level of proficiency in teaching and the length of time and preferred dates for your volunteer post.

Someone from the school in Ghana or George Burr, our volunteer coordinator in UK, will respond to your application as soon as possible.

Important Information for All Volunteers

The educational system in Ghana follows the British academic calendar. Prospective volunteers must therefore take note of these dates.

If you are considering applying to volunteer to teach in Ghana, it is essential you read our FAQ on preparing to stay in Ghana. It answers all your questions on important criteria such as visas, passports, vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis and travel and health insurance.

You must obtain a Volunteer Visa for travel to Ghana. You must apply for this entry visa before you leave, as no visas are issued in the airport on arrival.

Please read our Terms and Conditions that apply to all volunteer teachers working at Westminster Comprehensive School.