Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana

Nick Wood at the School

the school buildingI have spent three months volunteering at Westminster Comprehensive School.

The school itself is impressive. It's a good functional building, has a well-stocked library, computers on hand, and the class sizes are around 30 pupils in each. The teaching staff is a lot younger than I expected - but this gives the place an energetic, can-do feel to it.

I taught English and Social Studies in J.H.S. I would go through the text books/syllabus and the subject teacher and I would decide which topics I should take - for example, as an International Relations student at university, I loved the opportunity to be able to take lessons on the UN and the British Commonwealth in Social Studies classes. Read more about Nick's experience in Ghana.

Nick and Eric in the boarding house Nick in a JHS 1 class Roger with some of the teachers


Nick in the computer room the school in the class marking pupil's work