Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana

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Volunteer Teachers Required Bangalore, India

A new school has been opened in the village of Thapasihalli, which is 45 kms from Bangalore City in Karnataka State, India. Karnataka is one of the most rural and backward areas in India and the aim of the school is to give poor children the best education.

Children of the Ashram Front of the Ashram
Children of the Ashram Front of the Ashram building

The school is run by Swami Divyajnanananda and follows the Gurukula System of Education.

"I travel a lot in our state where poor people live and suffer in many ways of their daily life. After seeing them I tried to bring some children from their families and give them the best education possible. Up until now I have been able to look after 10 children who are very low in education level.

Now I have developed a little construction with public support, so then in the next academic year I can raise the number of children in our institution up to 25. My ambition is to lift those needy children for what they have come to this world - may it be education, dance, culture, tradition or any good way in this vast world"
- Swami Divyajnanananda

Ashram students studying Ashram students studying
Ashram students studying Ashram students studying

For more information on the school or how you can help as a volunteer teacher, please contact Swami Divyajnanananda


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Volunteer to Teach English in Ecuador
Ten years ago, the government of Ecuador decided that English would be taught from primary school, but there is a huge lack of English teachers in Ecuador. The canton of Guamote in the Chimborazo province in Ecuador needs volunteer English teachers. You would be hosted and fed by a family throughout your stay in Guamote.

The school directors say that they would like volunteer English teachers who can stay more than 2 months, the necesary time to get to know the children and to acclimatise. Whithout any doubt, the school directors would prefer that you can stay for the whole of one school year.

The schools in Ecuador are open from 7.30 till 12.30. You would teach English in different classes and maybe in different schools. The number of pupils in a class varies from 5 to 50 and the ages from 5 to 15 years old. The parents may also ask you to teach them English.

It is not compulsory that you can speak Spanish, but it will be clearly much easier for your integration in Guamote if you have some ability.