Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana

Travel Insurance

It is essential that you have adequate travel and health insurance, this can provide the peace of mind that if you get sick or injured, your medical expenses will be reimbursed. The insurance needs to cover you for the duration of your stay with the school and include your volunteer work, any activities you may do as well as the arrival and departure dates on which you fly.

Please note that many of the travel insurance policies that are available will NOT cover you while you are doing a volunteer placement. But there are some specialist travel insurance companies and many will tailor your policy to cover you if you declare your intentions to them before you go.

We recommend using search engines such as Google to look for travel insurance cover which includes voluntary work.

What could possibly go wrong?

Travel insurance companies have the ability and resources to deal with medical emergencies and most travel insurance providers offer a 24-hour hotline service. Keep in mind that the cost varies widely, depending on your age, your health, and the length of your stay in Ghana. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days then a single trip policy is your best choice.

Whoever you decide to go with, make sure you tell the insurance company of your intentions to do volunteer work before you leave. It is better to find out before you go whether you are covered for problems related to working and volunteering in Ghana, than to wait until you have to make a claim, and find out you would have been if you had told them.

Important Information for All Volunteers

If you are considering applying to volunteer to teach in Ghana, it is essential you read our FAQ on preparing to stay in Ghana. It answers all your questions on important criteria such as visas, passports, vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis.

If you have any questions or concerns, please use our Contact Form.