Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana

Volunteer Experiences - Michael Ericco in Ghana

Micheal on the beachThis was my first visit to Africa and facing the unknown initially filled my mind with uncertainty.

However the moment I stepped off the plane all my worries were put to rest, as everyone I met throughout my time in Ghana was extremely welcoming and friendly. I spent two thoroughly enjoyable weeks at Westminster school teaching a number of subjects including English, Science and Maths. Not having had any previous teaching experience made this a daunting task, but the childrens' enthusiasm and willingness to learn made my job much easier.

My evenings were spent at the school's boarding house which gave me the opportunity to get to know some of the older students of the school, who also resided around the same area. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of interest an "obruni" (white man) had evoked amongst the children, which helped me to instantly settle in to this new environment.

My room was clean, comfortable and spacious and the food was "Westernised" for me in order to acclimatise to Ghanaian cuisine. In all, I have had a memorable time in Ghana and would definately recommend it to anyone thinking about volunteering abroad.

This experience has exceeded all my expectations and my only regret is not to have stayed longer!