Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana

Volunteer Experiences - Adam Jones in Ghana

Adam and PhilipGhana is said to be the gateway to Africa, and having never visited the continent before, this was true for me. When I got off the plane I had no idea what to expect, but I soon experienced the welcoming, generous and helpful nature of Ghanaians.

Teaching at the school has been fun and rewarding. The children were very keen to learn, not just about Science, English or Maths, but about us and where we come from. They were equally excited to teach us about themselves, about Ghana and their music and dancing!

We were also able to give the children and teachers lessons (and a test!) on health and first aid, which I particularly enjoyed and I hope, will be helpful in the future. It was a pleasure giving out certificates on the last day of school to acknowledge those who had remembered our lessons well.

We were lucky to go on several school trips and days out. Lake Bosumtwi (which features on the website header picture) was lush and beautiful, but I particularly enjoyed watching the local fishermen bring in a large catch when we visited cape coast.

I've had a wonderful and enlightening time here. I want to thank everyone I met while I was here, but particularly Philip for putting us up, Eric and Osei for looking after us, and Nana for feeding us!