Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana

Volunteer Experiences - Alison Burr, London UK - 2007

Philips friendA volunteer brings a new life to the school, I can't tell you how excited they were to have us there. Apart from the novelty of us, I was thrown a bit in the deep end as I don't have a particular skill to offer the school that would be useful, like music or sport.

However, being able to direct them in a play, teach them from texts books and off-the-cuff English lyrics and rhymes, which they enjoyed, were quite fulfilling as I watched them becoming involved with what was happening in class.

The picture here is of us with Philip's friends who let us stay in their hotel at the weekends so we could check out Kumasi centre.


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Pictures by Lake Bosumtwe were from a day out with the older years.


They really are great kids and give as much back as people are willing to put in. Same with the adults, just teaching them something from our culture: I shared books I was reading with the English teacher, went for dinner with some of the childrens parents and told them how we loved and cooked pasta.

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The pictures at the school were from the last day where they played games,
acted out Cinderella and performed some traditional dance.