Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana

Wendy Bourget at Westminster Comprehensive School

Wendy teaching studentsWendy Bourget arrived at the school on the 8th September, 2014. She was introduced to the whole school (staff and pupils) by the Headmaster at the morning assembly.

Wendy started working the very moment she had been introduced. Though the school wanted her to teach in the senior classes, she made it clear that her interest is with the kids so she taught in the Nursery, Kindergartens and the lower primary.

She is ever willing to help students whom she described as “slow learners”. She always selected these students and sat with them and taught them herself whiles the others were being taught by their teachers.

Wendy in a lower primary classShe also did an incredible work at the school library. She worked hand in hand with the school librarian to sort out all the books in the library. She used colours to placed all the books in sections so that whenever a student picked a book he will know where to place it back.

Wendy also taught the students how to read and motivated them to read a lot. She also organised an In – Service – Training for teachers, where she explained to teaches various teaching practice and how to incorporate reading into the various subjects that they teach.

school libraryWendy with slow learnersWendy donated a lot of things to the school. Some of these things are; teaching and learning materials, books for the library, text books for teachers and the students, exercise books, etc. In fact everybody (staffs and students) had his/her share of the things that Wendy donated to the school.

Two days before Wendy left her husband, Mr. John Bourget joined her from U.S.A. On the 11th of November, 2014, a ‘Kenkey Party’ was organised for the couples and the staff of W.C.S. Kenkey was Wendy’s favourite local dish.

After the ‘Kenkey Party’ a durbar was organised to say goodbye to Mr. & Mrs. Bourget.

The Director, the Headmaster, the teaching and non – teaching staff and the entire student body wishes to express their gratitude to Mrs. Wendy Bourget for the great impart she had on us for the few weeks she spent with us. We say a big AYEKOOOOOO, Mrs. Wendy Bourget.