Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana

Imke Matuszewski at Westminster Comprehensive School

Imke with studentsMy volunteering experiences were great and I can strongly recommend it.

I had the wonderful opportunity to teach English and Maths at Westminster, and after school I would hang out with the boarders. The kids showed me around Fumesua and they integrated me into their daily lives, enlightening me on their local dishes.

I was also lucky enough to go on an excursion to lake Bosumtwi with Abena, the school librarian and to experience a traditional wedding too.

Imke Matuszewski with studentsVolunteering was a fantastic finish to my prior travels, backpacking through Ghana, which I can strongly recommend too!

I met some amazing people who live a very different life from mine. I'd like to think that I am well travelled and so these differences were not strictly new to me. However experiencing a bucket shower, washing clothes by hand, eating by hand and living with very restricted electricity made me think and re-think various aspects of both our ways of life.

I had interesting discussions with the teachers about religion, and although some of our opinions diverged I felt that we both liked to hear about it, and sympathise with, each other's worldviews.

Of course there was a huge heart factor too and particularly with the younger children (who very lovely and very cute), it was difficult to say good bye Westminster in the end. A big thank you goes to Eric and Osei who were always very helpful and nice.

I hope to return one day.

Imke Matuszewski - September 2013