Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana

Donations to the School


Micheal McCarthy

Mr Micheal McCarthy

Mr Micheal McCarthy donated £150 which was used to buy 2 computers for the school (Westminster Comprehensive School).

He has also provided the school with sports jerseys and various items.

Westminster Comprehensive School is forever grateful to you, Mr McCarthy.

Mr & Mrs Churchley

Mr. & Mrs. Churchley Desmond Afriyie Desmond’s Mum
Mr & Mrs Churchley Desmond Afriyie Desmond’s Mum

Mr & Mrs Churchley have sponsored Desmond Afriyie, a needy 3 year old boy. Desmond’s Mum: “I am forever grateful to the Churchley family whom I have never met for their kind gesture to my needy son. Without them my son would never have gone to school. Thanks a million to Mr & Mrs Churchley”.

photosLatest News December 2013 - Desmond Afriyie-Churchley has received another one year sponsorship package (fully paid school fees and lunch) from Mr. & Mrs Churchley. Mr. & Mrs. Churchley did not only pay for his school fees and lunch but also sent him loads of gifts for the Christmas.

With Grateful Thanks

Wimbledon High School and Raynes Park High School in South London and Warren Mead Community Junior School in Surrey have all generously contributed school books and computers to Westminster Comprehensive School.

The school is also especially grateful to Dover, Deal & District Citizens Advice Bureau for their generous donation of computer equipment.

Also thanks to assistance from The Hull York Medical School.

Donated Equipment

Westminster Comprehensive School computersIf your school or company has surplus equipment it would like to donate to Westminster Comprehensive School, please contact our volunteer coordinators in London, they will arrange the collection and shipment to Ghana.

We particularly welcome basic furniture such as tables and chairs and school text books.

Westminster School has arrangements with other schools in the Ashanti region to share any surplus equipment or books.

More Information

If you would like to know more about donating any surplus books or equipment or have any questions about assisting Westminster Comprehensive School in Ghana, please use our Contact Form. Someone from the school in Ghana or George Burr, our volunteer coordinator in UK, will respond to your query as soon as possible.

If you would like to donate money to provide scholarship opportunities for brilliant but needy students in Kumasi, then please ask for details about the Barclays Bank account that is managed by the Westminster Comprehensive School Parent Teacher Association.