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Basic Education Certificate Examination Results

Westminster Graduates 16 Students - May 2009

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is an examination prepared and set by all schools (those at the Junior High level).

Before any student gets access to the Senior High School for further studies, he or she has to pass this exam and pass it very well, as it also determines the choice of course to be pursued. Thus, course of study in the senior high school is determined by the number of passes obtained.

For the first time since the establishment of the school, the first batch of students was graduated. In all, 16 students were presented to represent the school, comprising of 10 boys and the remaining 6 being girls. Subjects students were examined on included: English Language, General Science, Mathematics, Vocational Studies (Catering), Pre-Technical Skills, General Agriculture, Asante Twi, French, and Religious and Moral Education.

Pioneers of Westminster Comprehensive School

westminster school graduates

From top left is Williams Okrah, Mishella Opoku, Susana Osei Tutu, Edward Adasa, Mary Owusu, Salomey Oti, Evans Osei Yaw, Emmanuel Ofosuhene, Eric Opoku, Bismark Agyei:( down left) James Owusu-Ansah, Philomena Nketiah, Abigail Mensah, Seth Owusu, Karen Dua Boamah, Andrews Adomako

Performance of Students (Pioneers of Westminster School)

Results list by students 2009

Name of Student English Lang. Maths Social
Science Agri-
R.M.E. Pre-Tech Catering Ghanian Lang. French Lang. Total
Edward Adasa B B B C B C C B C C 13
Bismark Agyei B B A B A B B C C D 10
Mishella Opoku B B B B A A B A B C 09
Karen Dua Boamah B B C B A B B A A C 08
Abigail Mensah B B C B A B D B C D 11
Philomena Nketiah B C C C A A D B B D 11
Emma Ofosuhene A A B A A A A A B C 06
Williams Okrah B B B B A A C A B D 09
Eric Opoku B B B A A A B A B C 08
Andrews Adomako B B B B A A B B C E 10
Susana Osei Tutu C C C C A B C B C D 14
Evans Osei Yaw B B A B A B C B C D 10
Salomey Oti B B B B A A B A C D 09
James Owusu-Ansah A A B A A A B A B B 06
Mary Owusu C C D C A B C B E E 14
Seth Owusu A A A A A A A A B C 06


Basic Education Certificate Examination

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) throughout the country under tight security.

This important examination is both for certification and selection to Senior Secondary Schools and Technical Institutes. Candidates must be in the third year of a Junior Secondary School that is approved by the Ghana Education Service to be eligible to take part in this examination. The examination is conducted nationwide in April and it is of five-day duration.

WAEC : West African Examination Council

The West African Examinations Council, a non-profit-making organisation, with its head-quarters in Accra, Ghana, was established in 1952 after the Governments of Ghana (then Gold Coast), Nigeria, Sierra Leone and The Gambia enacted the West African Examinations Council Ordinances in 1951. Liberia became the fifth member of the Council in 1974.

The enactment of the Ordinances was based on the Jeffrey Report, which strongly supported the proposal for the setting up of a regional examining board to harmonise and standardise pre-university assessment procedures in the then British West Africa.

The main objectives of the Council are:

  1. To conduct examinations in the public interest;
  2. To award certificates, provided that the certificates did not represent lower standards of attainment than equivalent certificates of examining authorities in the United Kingdom.

In Ghana, WAEC is responsible for several examinations. The main ones are the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for Junior Secondary Schools and the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) for Senior Secondary Schools.

The results of the BECE are released in August to enable successful and qualified candidates enter Senior Secondary Schools and Technical Instituties at the beginning of the academic year in September. The results lists are sent to the participating schools, whilst each candidate receives a statement of results through his/her school.

The SSCE Results are released 3 months after the conduct of the examination ie. November/December for the School Examination and February for the Private candidates examination. Results sheets showing the results in the examination as a whole for each school are forwarded to participating schools soon after release. In addition statements of results for individual candidates are sent to the schools for collection by candidates. Each private candidate is sent a statement of results showing his/her performance in the examination. Results sheets and statements of results are sent to schools and private candidates without fee or application.