Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana

About Westminster Comprehensive School

Westminster Comprehensive School is a private school that serves a wide variety of people from different race, ethnic background, and religion. Admission starts from age 3 and continues to Junior High School.

Westminster Comprehensive School studentsThe school has a population of about 430 students (boys and girls) with 29 teachers and teaching support staff.

The students come from the local town of Fumesua, though some have to travel about 15km to get to the school premises. Nevertheless, special transport is arranged to bring such students to school and send them back home after school.

Students of Westminster pay a small fee. On the average, every student pay about fifteen pounds (£15) a term. However, there are scholarship opportunities for brilliant but needy students. Interested volunteers who are willing to support these students in cash and kind are welcomed.

Westminster Comprehensive School LibraryStudents purchase their own books as well as other materials that would be needed/beneficial for their studies. The school also has in its stock a variety of books to supplement students and pupils efforts.

It would be very much appreciated if volunteers can supply or come along with some educational materials to help the students and the school as a whole. If possible volunteers would supply teaching aids in the areas they are proficient (books, footballs etc).

See where the school is on the map of the Ashanti region of Ghana, close to the city of Kumasi.

About This Volunteering Project

This is a volunteering project dedicated just to Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana. There are no fees to pay to participate in the project and consequently volunteers do not receive in-country assistance and support or any 24-hour emergency contacts. It is expected that all volunteers should be independent and strongly motivated to make their stay in Ghana a success.

Volunteer Applications

apply nowIf you would like to apply to volunteer to teach English or French at Westminster Comprehensive School in Ghana, please use our Application Form.

Westminster School Handbook for Parents and Students

The staff at Westminster Comprehensive School values the fact that our children and staff come from very varied backgrounds. Our community is made up of different people from different religious backgrounds and some of our staff and children speak languages other than English.

We think this makes us a privileged community. We do not allow name calling or sexual harassment of any kind at this school. We do not want any child or group of children to be made to feel inferior or left out of the life of the school.

We want all children in this school to have equal opportunities in terms of their work, their play and relationships, so that they can develop and go on to use those opportunities in future.

Read more about the schools handbook for parents and students...

About Fumesua and Kumasi

FumesuaFumesua is a small town, if you just stay in that surrounding area you really won't be short of something to do, people are always wanting to invite you out and show you a good time, you just immerse yourself in their lives.

Further into Kumasi there is a massive market (Kejetia Market) selling everything you'd wish to find; there is also a lot of history to Kumasi, there are a handful of interesting museums to visit, plus a Manhyia Palace and Kumasi Fort. And its always worth going to a football match at Kumasi stadium if you can, they are VERY keen on football so it's quite fun. Lake Bosumtwe is a worthwhile visit too.

There are bars and clubs, it's all about the dancing, and people going should probably be warned that although people drink they usually only have the one...drinking and smoking are seen as something that only street people do. Further out and about in Ghana there's plenty to do, as in visiting national parks or seeing the history of trade on the coast.

Terms and Conditions

Please see the terms and conditions of this project for more information about what is expected of you, what you are responsible for and what is provided to you during your stay at the school.