Volunteer to Teach English at Westminster Comprehensive School, Ghana

Westminster School is Situated in the Ashanti Region of Ghana

The School is situated in the Ashanti region, close to the city of Kumasi. The Ashanti region is endowed with a spectacular geography, which includes lakes, scarps, forest reserves, waterfalls, national parks, birds and wildlife sanctuaries. Notable among them are the Owabi Arboretum and Bomgobiri wildlife sanctuaries.

The region is drained by Lake Bosomtwe, the largest natural lake in the country, and the Rivers Offin, Prah, Afram and Owabi. There are other smaller rivers and streams which serve as sources of drinking water for residents of some localities in the region. Due to human activities and bushfires, the forest vegetation of parts of the Ashanti region, particularly the north-eastern part, has been reduced to savanna.

The weather

Much of the region is situated between 150 and 300 metres above sea level and the average daily temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius.

The region has an average annual rainfall of 1270mm and two rainy seasons. The major rainy season starts in March, with most of the rain in May. There is a slight dip in July and then more rain in August, tapering off in November. From December to February it is dry, hot, and dusty.

Kumasi, Ghana


Kumasi is the capital city of the Ashanti region, a very important and historical centre for Ghana. The school is located at Fumesua near Ejisu.

map of Ghana